I decided to run for York County Clerk of Courts when the current Clerk announced he was leaving for a position in the Air National Guard. I have experience in both banking and state government. I will not take the county health benefits or pension, and will term limit myself to two terms. I was interviewed and subsequently endorsed by the York County GOP because I am the most qualified candidate.  I look forward to serving the citizens of York County and value your support.

I am fond of saying, “Every case has a story, whether you want to be in court or not”.

June 19, 2003, started like any other beautiful summer day.  I said to my husband, as I was going to work, “Goodbye see you later” as I walked out the door.  It is funny how odd little moments are frozen in time; I remember what I was wearing and what he was doing and wearing.  Little did I know that it would be the last time I would ever say anything to him.  We were going to meet that evening after our son, Isaac’s, lacrosse game.  Robert did not make it home that night; instead as he travelled south on I-83 he was killed instantly by a loose wheel on a tractor trailer.

When we got home the house was strangely silent, I was getting the lawn chairs out of the trunk of my car when his two aunts arrived. My first thought was one of irritation, “He did not tell me everyone was meeting here.  I did not go grocery shopping yet; what am I going to feed everyone?”   As I put a smile on my face and said, “Hello”, Aunt Jean said, “We have something to tell you and it is not good.” I sent Isaac to his room to play with a friend.  Aunt Jean then gave me the unbearable news.  

Without going into additional personal detail, I will tell you the coming months were the hardest of our lives. My parents and Robert’s parents were a ROCK to Isaac and me.  I put myself in crisis mode to be there for Isaac.  We all relied upon our faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

One challenge was sitting through the preliminary hearing at the District Justice’s office and again in the Court of Common Pleas.  Isaac wanted to be there for his father.  Because it was important to him, I allowed it.  I think it is important to deal with life as it comes, and this would be his best opportunity to face his new truth.  It was very difficult to hear the details of the accident and I was angry to hear about the poor maintenance of the vehicle responsible for Robert’s death.  Helping us through this terrible ordeal was our wonderful victim advocate, Missy Barker.  We listened as Attorney Tim Barker presented the facts to the court. Attorney Barker was not only successful, but he made national history by charging, and convicting, the corporation with Homicide by Vehicle. As a family we were hopeful that some good may result from Robert’s death.

This is why I believe every case has a story. We did not want to be in court, but we wanted his story to be told and we wanted justice for Robert.  I think of the Judicial System as the BRAINS of the process; the Clerk of Courts as the HEART.  I simply wish to serve as the HEART ensuring the documentation process flows smoothly in the criminal courts and outstanding customer service is provided to the Judges and Prosecutors.  

On a final note, I would like to say that our son is a happy well-adjusted CPA living in the York area with his beautiful wife and three gorgeous children.  On Christmas morning we take Robert’s favorite sticky buns to him and imagine him on the other side of the veil enjoying the moment with us. We continue to share wonderful memories and work to create new ones daily.  We are blessed indeed.  

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